Metal and Tile Roof Repair / Storm Damage Repairs

Excellent Contractor Services for Roof Repair and Installation is now available with Cat Contracting

Metal roofs are one of the most integral parts of buildings and houses that often require repair, replacement, and installation services. Cat Contracting based in Bonita Springs, FL provides some of the best metal roof system solutions in the state of Florida. 

Do you have a metal roof system in your building?

Get the best metal roof repair in Fort Myers or metal roof replacement in Naples, Florida with Cat Contracting to give your property the best roof system. Commercial or industrial property is often planned with a standing seam metal roof system. They represent one of the most significant portions of the entire structure. As a result, metal or tile roof installation in Miami is one of the most sought after areas of services.

Why do you need repair and replace services?

Metal roof systems are used not only to maintain the structural integrity of the roof deck but also as a waterproofing system. Installation, repair, and replacement of metal roofs are hence common services that require professional help.

Installation can be done as structural or architectural metal roof assembly. The process is easy with convenient maintenance that allows buildings to sustain natural weather conditions for prolonged periods.

With any structural and constructional addition comes repair and replacement. Metal roof systems often need attention due to various issues like open seams, oxidation, open penetration flashings, fastener backout, open ridge, improper installation issues, panel damage, and leaks.

Is your metal roof system experiencing leak?

These systems are extremely prone to leaking, most of these issues are related to installation discrepancies. However, CAT contracting serves cities that get the most rainfall, including but not limited to Tampa, Fort Myers, Naples, Miami, Palm Beach and Sarasota. CAT contracting offers Roof leak repair in Naples and roof contracting in Panama City, Jacksonville,  Daytona and St Augustine to combat various issues that could be caused from structures in close proximity to the ocean. We offer superior installation quality, regular repair, and maintenance that can also extend the life of metal roof systems to up to 30 years.

Contact our experts today to give your building the best structural integrity of your roof deck.