Specialty Awning & Canvas Products

Specialty Awning & Canvas Products

Roofing Size: 420 Squares

Additional Trades: Custom Metal Work

Project Valuation: $256,000

When our relationship with SA began, they had been given an insurance settlement for roof repairs to their business. The existing building is nearly 100 years old and consisted of several types of roofing systems. The upper roof covering was SPF foam that was severely damaged by hail, to the point that excessive water damage had been incurred to the roof decking. The lower portions of the roof were a combination of 3-ply built up asphalt roofing and a small section of modern day 60 mil TPO, both of which were damaged by hail.

The initial settlement seemed as if it were too low to afford a full roof replacement, which was much needed due to the extent of the hail damage. When our representative began negotiating with the property insurance carrier regarding the scope of work, several discrepancies arose in the estimate prescribing payment to the building owner. In fact, the actual cost required for the repairs was nearly double the initial allowance from the insurance carrier. After extensive research and examination of the existing roof coverings and their respective hail damage, our commercial team was able to complete a full tear off of the existing roofing to inspect the decking for water damage, and install a new 60 mil TPO roof system over the top of 1” ISO insulation board.

This top of the line, energy efficient roof system comes with the maximum warranty available in today’s market, experienced and proven craftsmanship, and most importantly, the best customer service experience a client could ask for.