Roofing Size: 50,800SF Versico .60ml TPO

Additional Trades: Infrared Certified, Custom Metals, Shingles, Masonry

Project Valuation: $328,000

The Sears Side of the project began by removing the nearly 50

tons of moisture rich built up roofing system. The system had been compromised for over 10 years and soaked in moisture on nearly 80% of the system. The metal deck was corroded and over 1500sf of decking needed to be cut out and new metal installed into place. The Roofing was taken in 5,000sf sections machine cut into 3’X3’ sections and lowered to the ground for disposal. We then installed two layers of ISO to meet the local R20 codes.

We installed a 1.5” ISO board directly to the metal deck with a

2” board of ISO stagger stacked atop of the base layer of ISO. Parapets were peeled off and existing asphalt residue scraped and removed. Custom shim flashed were built for the RTUs and cancelled units were removed and covered. We then installed a mechanically attached Versico TPO system by mechanically attaching it with HPV Fasteners and Plates and heat welding the seams. RTS strips were installed where necessary for wind specifications and parapets were fully adhered. Custom Coping metal flash was built and installed around the parapet caps and TPO was welded into place for a seamless transition to the wall.

This project was performed in December and January where

temperatures often were below zero, snow needed to be removed daily and windy conditions made the project a challenge. We finished the project in under 3 weeks with very little return for additional detailing.