Roofing Size: 650 Squares

Additional Trades: Masonry Restoration, HVAC Replacement, Painting, Acoustical Tile.

Project Valuation: $366,000

This project began with removal of 1/2” gravel ballast. The previous roofing system was 4 plies of built up felt/asphalt, over 2” fiberglass insulation adhered by drizzle mopping it to the metal deck.Our crews grid cut the 4 ply which, was embedded with gravel & flood, and hauled the 2’X2’ sections to the crane for lowering and disposal.

All flashings were inspected and repaired as needed per manufacturers specifications.

The roofing system was missing the proper amount of expansion joints and run off efficiency so necessary taper and joints were engineered, diagramed, and installed. The deck was inspected and proper insulation amount was installed. We used two layers. The lower level installed was 1.5” and the top layer of 2” was seam staggered and secured to avoid thermal bridging and reduce energy loss.

We then installed a 1/2” Securock board which adds greater fire resistance and offers a severe hail rating.

Our system installed was a 60ml TPO membrane, mechanically fastened over two layers of H staggered polyisocyanurate and Securock. The parapet walls were taken up to the parapet caps and the metal copings were replaced with Hickman Engineered metal systems dual cleat panel. By enhancing the perimeter sheets, bringing the TPO up the walls and under the cap, and following design criteria by Versico we were able to achieve a 90mph wind rating on the entire roofing system and 110mph on the metals.

Our crew finished up by detailing the system flashings and installed reinforced safety marked walk-paths throughout the roofing system.