BZRTUNES Office Park

BZRTUNES Office Park

Roofing Size: 23,600SF of 50mil Versico TPO

Additional Trades: Removal of 5 layers of roof down to metal deck, 540LF of custom sheet metal capping, 440LF of commercial 6” gutter and 3”x4” downspouts

Project Valuation: $278,000

The BZRTUNES Office building is a privately owned cement walled structure that houses various spaces including office, laboratory, and warehouse. This is important to know since many employees call this building “home” when it comes to work and are not only working in the space through projects like this, but are entering and exiting the building while construction is taking place. We always provide a safe working environment and always attempt to not disrupt a business’s normal activities due to the project at hand. Our goal is to provide a safe working environment in parallel with avoiding disruption to our clients and their activities.

We came into this claim with the roof already approved at face value. I use that term specifically because the insurance adjustor never pulled a core sample on the roof to find out exactly what was underneath the top layer. The owners were shopping a total of four roofing companies on their own and the insurance company was strongly recommending two of their own.

During our inspection, we could feel under our feet that it was not just a single layer of roofing with insulation. The insurance company simply paid for an EPDM tear off and an EPDM replacement. When inspecting a flat roof that has an unknown amount of layers, it is our procedure to pull a core and find out exactly what we are bidding with ownership or managements permission. After pulling a core we realized that the tear off would be much more labor intensive and include:

1. Tear off existing EPDM roof system

2. Tear off 1/2” dens deck

3. Tear off Gravel roof and flood coat

4. Tear off 2 ply fiberglass felt hot roof

5. Tear off 1.5” perlite ISO board

After verifying with the local building municipality that the amount of existing layers on the roof called for a required full tear off down to decking, we confirmed what codes called for when laying new roof. Due to the International Building Code Book off 2006 was adopted by this city, it was required from the combination of Chapter 13(Energy Efficiency) and Chapter 15(Roof Assemblies and Rooftop Structures) that a commercial buildings insulation R value must be equal to or greater than R20. The installation would then need to be more than just a single layer of EPDM that was originally prescribed including:

1. Install 1.5” Atlas ACFoam II ISO board, loose laid, per manufacturer specs

2. Install 2” Atlas ACFoam II ISO board with a 8 screw per board(interior) / 12 screw per board(on edge) fastening with a 5.5” #14 screw with a 24” seam stagger, per manufacturer specs.

3. Install Mechanically Fastened TPO 45 mil single ply roof(owners selection after both EPDM and TPO options were presented) with 15yr NDL warranty.

This final scope was drastically different than the original insurance summary as the starting claim amount was funded for just under half of the dollar amount that the we finalized the estimate and settlement amount.

Upon readjustment, we compiled all missing layers, code compliances and general components into a project packet including an Xactimate estimate (estimating software used by insurance company with already agreed upon pricing), a core sample report with digital photographs, and all local codes that needed to be followed to secure a proper building permit. It is our mission to set ourselves apart from the herd of normal roofers by displaying an unmatched level of professionalism, organization, and clear communication through each project phase.

After a series of emails and phone calls with the adjuster, we agreed on a scope and dollar figure for the project to get started. Because of the multiple layers the crew feverishly worked for half of the day to tear off roughly 2000 square feet so they could then clean the deck, lay the two layers of ISO boards and mechanically fasten the TPO leaving for little to no open areas subject to water penetration in the event there was unforeseen precipitation overnight.

The removal and replacement took right around 10 full days to complete and an additional two days was spent doing finish work and double checking seams and roof penetrations.

CAT is certified by Versico, which allows us to offer our clients 15, 20 and 25 year No Dollar Limit (NDL) warranty on any TPO roof that we install using all their products. This is equivalent to what you would hear in the car industry as a “bumper to bumper” warranty. This is important when you are looking for a roofing solution to add value to the property for years to come.