Roofing Size: 8800 SF

Additional Trades: Roof Recovering, Shingles & Custom Collection Boxes

Project Valuation: $58,000

The Walgreens project was presented to CAT by the Commercial developer Erickson Property Group. The roof was in desperate need of repair however, the budget was the concern. We presented the management of Erickson of variable recovering options.

The option we moved forward with was to avoid the re-roofing categorization under the code law and leave all of the existing insulation except that which was measurable deteriorated or moist. We skinned section by section of the existing EPDM rubber roofing and replaced it with 60ml Versico TPO over HD Fiberboard to add longevity and resilience of the system.

We scheduled our commercial shingle techs to be present in order to seamlessly transition the new roofing into the membrane transitions. We capped off the project by completing custom over-sized collection boxes and box downspouts in order to aid in ice damming and water flow.