Roofing Size: 161 Squares

Additional Trades: Custom Metal and Flashing work

Project Valuation: $114,000

This project consisted of two different systems due to the buildings added space prior to the original cosntruction. On the first section, our tech found two modified bitumen layers to remove in order to get down to the roof deck. We also realized that upon our core samples the decking was badly deteriorated and likely result in large amounts of metal decking replacement. We called on taper solutions systems grid planning for new 1.5” ISO board and taper system that would provide proper water flow from front to back of roof where the roof was currently inadequately performing. This roof had a .25 pitch with sagging dead spots in the front northwest portion of the roof.

A portion of the roof existed of two systems so our crew had to tear off of two layers of the modified bitumen and fiberboard substrate. After the existing roof was stripped down to Q deck (metal substrate), 3” of ISO and a 1” perlite board was installed due to municipal code compliance for this TPO system per 2003 ICC guidelines. We then fully adhered a Versico 45mil TPO system throughout the field and up the parapet walls.

The second section was stripped and cleaned to its wood substrate. The existing roof system had an undefinable r-value. After it was prepped, a 3” & 1.5” ISO board stagger stacked system was laid, giving an added 25 r-value to the roof system.

Once the ISO was adhered and parapet lines run we mechanically fastened a TPO 45mm single ply membrane. Custom flashing were fitted around protrusions and HVAC units and seams were robot welded throughout the field.

The existing r-value was unmeasurable prior to roof replacement. We assume that there will be a 15% heating/cooling savings due to the newly installed roof.