Roofing Size: 365 Squares

Additional Trades: 1900 LF Custom 12” Fascia, Internal Gutter System, Custom Structural Rebuild and Finish Carpentry, Modified SBS Flat Roofing, Prime & Finish Coat Car Port

Project Valuation: $245,000

The Sweden House Hotel & Lodge is an iconic landmark of the city. The Sweden House has over 100 years of history of hosting weddings, banquets, receptions and housing guests seeking an alternative to the typical chain hotels. Our team was hired to assist the insurance claim process after the hotel owners had vetted over 35 different contractors. The owners of the Sweden House felt, despite the insurance companies rather dismal findings upon initial adjustment, we could aid in an optimal outcome upon re-inspection.

Our initial inspection yielded extensive damage to numerous areas the insurance company had missed including 50% of the roofing surface, the low slope membranes, and necessary build back components. Our team advised the owners of the property to request for a 2nd adjustment at which we would be present to discuss our inspection results. Our recovery specialist discussed code related issues with the carriers scope and our field representative pointed out the additional items and repairs needed that were missed by the insurance company. The adjuster then made the necessary changes to the property summary in order to fund the project properly. The claim was written at $84,000 prior to this negotiation and the hotel would not have been able to afford the repairs.

The second summary included funding for the new items we presented at re-inspection and subsequently contracted to complete repairs for the ailing property facade. The owners choose to re-roof the building with Owens Corning Duration Brownwood. We installed the Owens Corning System including high profile ridge cap and Ice Shield throughout the valleys and eaves. The property had been built with an internal guttering system that was challenging to restore. An EPDM layer was installed by fully adhering it along the lower five feet of the eave and up the fascia in order to create a waterproof trough. Escape outlets were fashioned to flow to custom downspouts every 30’ in order to allow water to move away from the roofing edge to the desired drainage points.

Between the hotel and pool house spanned a 600 sf low slope breezeway covering that was so degraded the substrate had literally turned to dust. Our crew painfully removed all of the bracing and rubble carefully ensuring the preservation of the electrical and plumbing beneath. Our carpenter then built a center beam header with 2/12 rafter slopes to take the water off of the roofing surface to the eaves. The pool house internal gutter was shimmed in order to direct the water away from its internal gutter onto the breezeway for better drainage shed. Siding was removed 3’ up the wall and after insulation board was installed over the T-111 substrate in order to adhere Grace SBS Ice Shield. Once Grace was installed over the newly built structure a self adhering modified SBS membrane was installed to finalize the waterproofing.

Our company was also contracted to install custom fascia on every eave of the massive property. Over 1900 LF of 12” custom fascia was bent onsite and installed from 3 story scaffolding systems. The set up was 100% OSHA compliant and our efficient tradesman completed the task under 3 days.

We finalized the project by restoring the front carport parapet fence with all new carpentry pieces. Our crews then brightened up the look with a new color scheme of Sherwin WIlliams Classic Cream and Dignity Blue that livened up the entry for new guests. Under the carport we built a false ceiling to hide unsightly electrical conduit and drainage tiles with a beautiful cedar tongue and grove soffit. The front entry doors were sanded and stained with the soffit with a traditional cedar tone poly reminiscent of the properties motif from decades that of past.