Hammock Beach Resort

Roofing Size: Low Slope 48,000 SF, Stone Coated Steel 18,400 SF, Concrete Tile 11,200 SF

Additional Trades: Emergency High Risk Mitigation, HVAC, Interior Mitigation, Stucco, Lightning Protection, Custom Steel Work, Concrete and Lightweight Concrete, Infrared and Mold Protocol, Windows, Landscaping, Safety / Property Security.

Project Valuation: 12.8 million

Hammock Beach Resort is nestled along the beach between Daytona Beach and Jacksonville in Palm Coast Florida. This resort is a mix of condominiums, hotel rooms, suites, amenity buildings, a PGA golf course, waterpark, and numerous pool and outdoor activity areas.

This claim was incredibly complex starting after Hurricane Matthew and stretching with no results until 2 years later September of 2018. Hurricane Irma struck mid settlement and caused immense damage atop of what Matthew had previously done.

CAT 5 was hired to come in and perform an intense mitigation project. The towers on the resort span over 19 stories high and needed emergency attention. The battens failed and the stone coated steel panels were shredded from the winds. This posed a very imminent danger to pedestrians as these panels were jostled loose and hanging by minimum fasteners.

Our team responded within 24 hours to provide assistance and begin the property protection for the resort. We deployed 2 teams of men with over 20 people on site to tackle the immense task of drying out the property. We began by assessing the towers of which were most exposed to the elements. We began on roofs which were above units versus the bell towers and communal roofs in order to ensure the unit owners experienced the least amount of displacement as possible.

Once the mitigation was complete we were hired as the prime GC and began working with the property management company and public adjuster on the project in order to begin the arduous scope of work and valuation for restoration. Our team utilized engineers, manufacturers reps, code officials and consultants in order to get a detailed and accurate estimate for the adjuster which would we could back up and provide an excellent project to our client.

Through the course of the next six months our team aided the Public Adjuster and the board validate the scope and lead to a final settlement of exactly the amount we put forward. The claim was originally offered at 1.12 million and settled over ten times higher than that.

October of 2018 scaffolding begins being set up and the removal of the stone coated steel roofing will begin. We expect this project to span over six months and finish on time and budget.