Roofing Size: 310,100 SF

Additional Trades: Fascia, Soffit, Gutters

Project Valuation: $8,100,000

Coventry at Stratford Place is a 28 building development in Naples, FL. Coventry sustained extensive wind damage from hurricane Irma in September of 2017. Cat 5 Contracting was called out for emergency mitigation services when Coventry’s normal maintenance contractor was unresponsive and not equipped to fulfill their needs. We inspected each building, gathered and analyzed all data/work orders from the management company in order to attack the mitigation process in an organized and efficient manner, starting with the highest priorities first. We removed all loose tiles and debris and protected each roof accordingly, time was of the essence as many of the units are only occupied during “snow bird” season from January through March. Therefore, it was imperative to get the buildings protected immediately in case there was water intrusion that was unknown as mold can begin to grow very quickly in the summer months especially during rainy season.

This was a very complex situation since Coventry was built in four phases and each had its own association and separate insurance policy. The associations were also in the middle of a consolidation of all four associations forming into one. Cat 5 through its resources considered many options for Coventry and refereed them to a public adjusting firm that could help them throughout the claims process. It was important that all emergency mitigation work performed be properly documented and provided to the adjusting firm.

Since each phase of Coventry had a different insurance policy, there were timing variations based on the approvals from the insurance carriers and some of the temporary tarps began to fail. We were forced to re-mitigate some of the buildings 2-3 times. We then researched and proposed a cost effective long term temporary solution by using a higher quality material that would offer water intrusion protection for a longer period of time.

The first 7 building reroof began on time and within budget. We believe communication is key on all of our projects and we provided weekly updates to the management company, as well as the board of directors, supplying photos outlining our remodeling progress. We also provided a unique email address to all of the owners (over 200) so that they can have an immediate response time to Cat 5 if they had questions or issues. The board updated the exterior curb appeal of the property by selecting an Eagle Tile, Carlsbad Blend in the Capistrano S-Profile. We installed it using a full 2 part ICP system in order to achieve a wind rating of 140 mph. We replaced all rotted/deteriorated wood at the time of tear and re-nailed all the sheathing to meet current code requirements. This job was performed with one of our highly trained project managers on-site throughout the duration of the project.