Roofing Size: Steep Slope Concrete Tile ( 7 Stories) 185,942SF

Additional Trades: Emergency High Risk Mitigation (long term field fabricated solution), Infrared and Air Quality (Mold) protocol, Mitigation / Remediation / Build Back Interior Units, Fascia, Soffit, Windows, Stucco, Framing, Scaffolding, Painting, Doors, Railings and Site Security.

Project Valuation: $10.2 million

Cinnamon Beach Condos is an 11 building – 7 story, Condominium Association in Palm Coast FL which sits directly on the coast between Daytona Beach and Jacksonville. The property consists of 285 condominiums which consist of owner occupied, owner rented, and property rental firms. Each category of unit needed specific criteria for entry and communication.

The project began September 2017 after hurricane Irma. Each building had extensive damage to the concrete tile from the 120mph wind gusts it sustained. The first action was to remove and lower loose and damaged tile which were still on top of the roofing surface. One by one each tile was tensile tested to be sure it was secure and if failed was removed and documented. Once completed the board asked for multiple solutions which would protect the leaking roofs while the claim was being filed.

This area of the state is extremely windy. 20-30 mph wind gusts are typical making our options limited. Spot repairs wouldn’t be affective because the tile installation type. Shrinkwrap was too expensive and not feasible due to the high winds. Our team came up with a field fabricated rubber system which would be mechanically fastened and welded on top of the roof surface. It was slightly higher than a plastic sheet option (tarps / visqueen) and would hold for at least a year.

The mitigation took approximately 6 weeks and lasted nearly a year until the board decided to begin the re-roofing pre settlement.

Once the roofs were dried in we began the Air Quality protocol, assessing each of the 285 interior units. Of the 285, 95 units were deemed dirty and needed mitigation, remediation, tear out and build back. Our Team worked with the management company to coordinate, access, and execute a timely and effective project plan. While interior remediation is always the most arduous, the project went virtually seamless considering the amount of moving parts, offsite owners, and rental agencies involved. Our men completed each unit per protocol with less than a 2% fail rate on final microbial testing.

Although the roofing was approved by their carrier, the client decided to hire an attorney after the settlement offer was so low it was considered bad faith. In order to accommodate the situation, we offered an option to the client with delayed payment to begin re-roofing immediately. Each building was barricaded, monitored and secured throughout the demolition. The roofing was torn off and lowered in trash bins and craned down. We installed a self adhering base sheet and full foam Eagle Tile system was installed on all 11 buildings over the course of six months. Hurricane and Windy season halted construction daily, however we stayed on schedule with very little deviation from our project phase schedule.

The remaining portions of the project are in dispute by the carrier and appraisal yet nearing final settlement with the clients public adjuster and attorney.