in installing a complete and detailed roofing system. A high performance roofing system includes more than just shingles. It includes decking, ventilation, hip & ridge, fiberglass enforced underlayment and we even add the final touches by painting roof accessories for aesthetic appeal. Our company is highly skilled, trained and internally audited to ensure our clients receive the best final product possible. Remember a contractor that gives a broad brushed cheap bid is usually making up for it in the process or product.

Think Green

CAT 5 is a proud partner of ATLAS (as well as GAF certified) and its Think GREEN sustainability program. By offering a shingle product which is protected by 3Ms Algae Resistant ScotchGard Warranty, We can guarantee our roofing systems to last longer and look nicer than most competitors. There is simply no greater algae resistance than Scotchgard™ Protector, and Atlas incorporates regular independent third-party laboratory testing to validate even spread of copper granules, ensuring maximum algae resistance is built into every shingle. Watch this video produced by Designing Spaces on this revolutionary product line.


We hear from our prospective customers quite often, “A roof is a roof, Right?” That is dependent on what you value for protecting your home. The truth is that “a roof” to us at CAT 5 is more than just shingles, it is a system of components which are specially designed to work with one another to function as the homes most important waterproofing membrane. The system must be chosen and applied correctly for the homes architectural pitch, style and functional values. Click thru this slide show to get an idea of the different components used in todays Roofing System.


Its often difficult for clients to visualize their final color choice until project is nearing completion. Use this Roof Visualizer provided by GAF Corporation to get a better idea of how your home will look.