Terra Creek Apts.

Terra Creek Apts.

Roofing Size: 200,000 SF

Additional Trades: Steep Slope Roofing System, Carpentry and Low Slope Waterproofing

Project Valuation: $651,000

Terra Creek is an apartment community situated off bustling East State Street in Rockford Illinois. The community consists of 13, 8-12 Unit 2 story buildings, 6 10-14 Unit Buildings, 8 Duplexes and a Clubhouse.

This project originated after a hail storm in the Spring of 2014. After extensive interviews, reference checks, through and thorough screening CAT Contracting was awarded the project above the 5 other contractors being considered.

We met the insurance carrier adjuster shortly after the claim was filed. As it sometimes goes, the adjuster was uncooperative and short sighted in examining our concerns from the storm. Rather than continue into an argumentative situation, our adjustment specialist aided him and remained polite for the three full days of adjustment despite the fact they were not covering any of the obvious damages to the shingles.

We advised the property owner to remain steady in the process and call the insurance carrier for a 2nd inspection and requested management or quality supervisor be present. Our owner attended this adjustment as well. After a second review and 3 more days of adjustments our firm was able to assist the client in attaining over half of the property in approval.

We offered a market competitive price on the remaining work and began the roofing project on the entire 200,00SF of re-roofing.

We staged the roofing daily as well as the disposal for minimal interruption to the tenants. Our staff worked throughout the 21-day project in notifying tenants, providing site safety and supervision as well as coordinating the logistics to make this project run efficiently.

We tore the roofing down to the deck. There were notable areas where the decking needed replaced specifically in prior leak prone areas and around the eaves. Our crews replaced the deflective decking as required by code and manufacturers specification. Once the decking was replaced, we installed ice & water shield per code to reach 24” beyond the interior wall, in the valleys and in low slope areas. Our crews then installed GAF tiger paw synthetic felt and began the standard shingling process. We ran GAF Starter Strip along all eaves and rakes, following with the GAF Timberline HD Lifetime shingle.

Our commercial low slope crews were brought in to replace all of the low slope crickets (3700 sf), seaming into the steep slope and under-lapping the existing siding and rebuilding a festering issue Terra Creek had dealt with for years.

We finished the roofing off by installing continuous ridge vent and GAF Seal-A-Ridge high profile ridge cap. We performed this immense roofing project safely, on time, and in budget of our proposal. OSHA visited this project twice along with city inspectors throughout the duration of work. Our firm passed all inspections and met the clients expectations.