Roofing Size: 78,000SF (780 SQ)

Additional Trades: Carpentry, mechanical, plumbing, metal work, complex cleaning, project management, infrared and claims consulting.

Project Valuation: $1,427,000.00

The Rockford Plaza is a shopping center located in central Rockford at 2552 Charles St. Rockford IL. The shopping center consists of a Swedish American Hospital outpatient clinic, Stockholm Inn eatery, Furst Staffing, Erickson & Associates, a State Farm Insurance Agency, Eye Clinic and numerous other retail stores.

This project began with an initial offer by the insurance company of just over 100k in repairs. Our team expected such offer however the crucial aspect often in our clients best interest is to at least get settlement on the table. In this case the roofing system was such that it could not be repaired to code. The offer prompted our team to involve 3rd specialists in order to dissect the means of repair being offered to the client were not suitable to industry standard or warrantable.

We hired two outside firms to review and discuss the insurance carriers offer. After heated conversations with the insurance carriers consultants, the insurance carrier hired a second team to meet with ours. After just 45 minutes of inspection and review of our proposal and means of repair agreement was made atop the roofs and an initial costing of $998,000 was set.

Prior to commencement of work we requested onsite meetings with the carrier adjuster in order to discuss concerns and suggest a reserve be set for such conditions. The carrier adjuster agreed to discus in the end and to save all related documentation to any cost increases.

The project began by removing over three layers of roofing in some areas. The roof was brought down to deck surface, replaced deteriorated or deflective surface and then a custom tapered system designed and installed in order to mitigate existing structural deficiencies. Additional Layers of poly-iso were installed per manufacturers specs and a .60 mil mechanically attached roofing system was installed.

Once the roofing system was brought to elevation, curb adapters were suggested to the insurance adjuster. The Insurance Company’s consultant met us out on site to review our suggestion and agreed. The nightly cleaning and concern for additional man-hours for the logistical maintenance on the hospital and clinic were also agreed to be prudent.

Phase by phase the roofing was systematically removed and replaced all while working 6pm-7am in order to avoid business interruption. Combined with the mechanical elevation changes, plumbing drops, cleaning and additional layers a supplement was calculated at 429k. With detailed back up and substantiated costs our client was funded the exact amount requested after three weeks of the carriers delay and dismay. Our company takes pride in detailing each stage and step in order to avoid any discrepancy in validating our costs.