Reformers Unanimous Treatment Home (Womens)

Reformers Unanimous Treatment Home (Womens)

Roofing Size: 275 Squares

Additional Trades: Custom Fascia, Flashings, Low Slope EPDM Tie In

Project Valuation: $106,000

RUTH Womens home is a treatment facility for the Reformers Unanimous Addiction Program. This facility houses nealry 60 women who are attending a faith based rehabilitation program for addiction. The insurance carrier agreed to replace the roof surface however grossly underestimated the scope of work. Although this structure was not incredibly difficult to estimate, the adjuster was not informed on code, which resulted in the need for a large amount of supplemental funding. The insurance adjuster had failed to research the necessary code on steep slope vs moderate sloped roofs and our team brought it to the carriers attention ice shield is required by the manufacturer, thus code, on any roof 3-4/12 in slope. This oversight on their part would’ve left R.U. with a drastic shortfall when looking to properly re-roof their facility.

This project was simple and speedy. In just two days our commercial team removed the current roof covering, added ice shield to the entire surface and installed the Certainteed Landmark Driftwood shingle. We installed new ridge ventilation as well as the Certainteed’s starter system. Flashings were installed and custom fascia was bent to transition the low slope EPDM membrane into the new roof.