Minooka United Methodist Church

Minooka United Methodist Church

Roofing Size: 120,000 sf

Additional Trades: Commercial Gutter & Sheet Metal Work, Design-Build Retrofit of Roof drainage system, complete removal degraded above roof electrical conduit system and install of new internal full electrical supply to both pre-school & church.

Project Valuation: $256,000

The Minooka United Methodist Church (Minooka UMC) is a church & pre-school located near downtown Minooka, Illinois. The property consists of a parsonage building and a chapel with steep-slope asphalt shingle roofs, a pre-school building and annex building with a full kitchen for events; both enclosed by low-slope roofs.

This project took off after a major storm June 10th, 2015 that produced up to baseball sized hail. We were referred to the church to look over the property and inspect for hail damage. After our inspection, we explained how to get the claim filed, and that we would be happy to come out and assist the insurance company in accessing the many roof structures on the property.

The initial adjustment became complicated when the adjuster was not familiar with exactly how low slope roof damage is found, as well as how to address it for repair vs. replacement. The initial claim payment was for repair work only, when in fact the entire roof surfaces were compromised by hail damage

We were then interviewed by the church board, as were several other contractors about our suggested approach for the next steps toward getting their project done. CAT was awarded a chance to meet again with another insurance adjuster to point out roof damage and discuss the repairs. After a full education on required codes and repair methods, Minooka UMC was approved for full roof replacement.

Upon final approval, our weather season had turned cold & rainy leading into winter, making scheduling a concern. We kept a close eye on the weather and scheduled the project with enough consecutive dry days to complete it, staging all buildings for safety and concern for the students, faculty, and congregation. We remained on-site throughout the entire duration of the project to answer questions and address any surprises which often can occur after the client representatives leave the site.

-The Minooka Methodist Church consists of two buildings which were standard steep slope re-roofing. Both (parsonage & chapel) were re-roofed with the lifetime GAF Timberline HD LT roofed to the Golden Pledge warranty requirements.

The annex building consisted of two layers of modified bitumen roofing, along with two layers of 1” fiberboard to tear off on down to the wood decking. Due to age and deterioration numerous sections of replacement decking were needed. The parapet walls were capped with old clay parapet coping and we installed a modernized custom cleated expansion coping metal. To ensure proper water drainage a custom commercial gutter box gutter was fashioned and installed on rear eave of the annex building. This ordinance called for R34 energy requirements which was met and waterproofed with a 60 mil Carlisle TPO and warrantied with a 20 year no dollar limit warranty (NDL).

-The church preschool building comprised of two layers of asphalt BUR (Built-Up Roofing) and a single layer of 2” fiberboard atop of 1” perlite. We tore down to the gypsum decking, installed new wood decking into buildings steel purlins to span and strengthen the inferior gypsum deck. We then installed a taper solutions designed R34 taper system, built new internal drains, and field fashioned new coping on the perimeter and again continued the 60 mil Carlisle TPO and roofed to the 20 yr NDL standards.

Once completed, we submitted hundreds of photos to the insurance company to document all aspects of the project along with a final invoice for the contracted work. The manufacturer inspection was completed the enact the roofing warranty and all necessary documents were submitted to Minooka UMC for the final project package.