JCP CMU Rebuild

JCP CMU Rebuild

Roofing Size: 1600SF

Additional Trades: Barrier Installation, Mitigation & Demo, Plumbing, Paining, Insulation

Project Valuation: $32,000

The JCP Wall rebuild was a project that stemmed from a major

reconstruction project CAT Contracting was sent in to GC. While

onsite the ownership contracted CAT Contracting to restore a

CMU Wall which had collapsed.

We first worked to secure the area for the safety of the pedestrians

and mall traffic. Barriers were set in place at a distance that

the deflection from the wall collapse could not harm any passer

by. We then worked to manually collapse the remaining wall safely and removed the debris. Gas lines were checked to ensure all joints and elbows were free from leaking and up to code.

Old ties and insulation was removed. Engineers and Architect were brought in for forensic testing to ensure the existing wall and structure was sound to tie a new wall into. Once the green light was given by the engineer and code official, the rebuild began.

Custom fluted block had to be made in order to match the existing 4” wide fluted CMU block. Once the block was delivered, scaffolding was set in place and standard masonry practice began.

The masonry project duration lasted 5 days where after our painting contractors were brought in to match the wall to the existing color scheme.