Glade park strip mall

Glade park strip mall

Roofing Size: 7200SF

Additional Trades: TPO Tapered Roofing System, Custom Metal Work, Carpentry

Project Valuation: $84,000

The Glade Park Outlot project was a bid project in Euless Texas contracted by North Rock Real Estate. The project project came to bid as a full new construction roofing and metal work project. The cost to the property owner bid to spec was $84,000.

The project was the first of 3 outlots to flank the Glade Park shopping development in Euless, Texas. This was a spec built new construction project which consisted of an R20 FM i-90 wind rated system. Four inches of polyisocyanurate insulation was mechanically fastened to the deck aas the foundation of the roofing system. Next the 6’ perimeter sheets were fully adhered to the walls and perimeter framed the roofing plane. We then installed the main membrane 10’ rolls by mechanically fastening each strip and air welding the seams. Transitions to roof walls were adhered with Versico RTS strips and custom pitch pockets were used to seal all metal supports on the decorative walls. A Sunweld roof hatch and ladder were cut and installed into the metal deck, and sealed according to manufacturers specifications.

The building itself was designed with structural slope however in order to prevent pooling water in the corners, at the hatches and near the RTU units, we field engineered a taper system in order to keep the water moving to the wall scuppers. Following the roofing detail work, we had to construct a nailing system around all parapets and fabricate custom soffit panels and fascia covers.