Country Club Arms

Country Club Arms

Roofing Size: 1,400 Squares

Additional Trades: 145 Squares of Siding, 1800LF Gutters & Downspouts, Custom Carpentry, Fascia & Flashings

Project Valuation: $283,000

Country Club Arms is a 12 building 60 unit town home community. Our company was contracted for the restoration of the roofing, siding, guttering, and carpentry to rehabilitate this ailing apartment community. The structures had extensive heat rot to the decking causing it to delaminate and crack beneath the roofing surface. Most buildings were multi layered and were in desperate need of new roofing and decking. The new owner had a goal to rehabilitate the property to make it attractive to prospective tenants. Due to the previous owners neglect, the property not only needed a facelift but needed to be filled with renters. CAT Contracting was not part of the original adjustment process but once contracted we reviewed the filed and ran our scope to generate an additional $46,000 in funding. The additional funding allowed us more leverage when choosing material and repair options.

Country Club Arms chose the Owens Corning Oakridge Shingle in the Estate Gray Color palette to re-roof the property. The team worked from the back corner forward, herding traffic along the opposite side until a lane could be cleared for residents to safely navigate along the opposite side once we moved across property. Residents were updated daily by the team and property managers as to progress and what to expect from day to day for parking. In just 6 days the crews were able to re-roof the entire property including the 3600 square foot clubhouse. Although it was a bit lengthy for our commercial crew of 36 men, the decking caused timely repairs. Suitable substrate is required by all manufacturers and unless the decking was replaced the shingles would deteriorate long before the warranty was reached.

Once the roof covering was completed our team began siding repairs and installing new gutter systems on the mansard style buildings. With the additional funding our team secured for CCA, we were able to side the mansards vs roofing them with asphalt shingles in some areas. This offered the community a more modern and attractive appearance. As we completed each section of mansard, our gutter crew capped and rolled new seamless guttering system to finalize the exterior repairs. Our gutter crews were on site for three days ensuring all buildings were back to form and looking great.