Big Lots Machesney Park Mall

Big Lots Machesney Park Mall

Roofing Size: Service Work

Additional Trades: Warranty Work

Project Valuation: $10,000+ Continues

CAT Contracting is the preferred vendor for Big Lots and Burlington Coat Factory on the Machesney park Mall in Machesney Park Mall.

The previous roofing contractor who installed the roofing system left the roofing system in disarray and warranty voided as the proper certification paperwork was never filed.

CAT Contracting has been called on numerous service issues including, leaking drains, improperly welded seams, new targets and failing tie-ins.

When we were brought in by our commercial client the system was called in to check status on the warranty. The previous contractor never filed or paid the NDL fee to enact the warranty and falsely produced a warranty to finalize his payment with our client. CAT Contracting utilized our relationship with the manufacturer to call for an inspection, bring the roof up to manufacturers spec and attain a certified warranty for the owner.

Since the warranty has been in place the system continues to fail on many fronts and CAT Contracting is progressively working with the owners on resolving the issues and providing a long term solution.