B&B’s Magnolia Trace Apartment Community

B&B’s Magnolia Trace Apartment Community

Roofing Size: 2,100 Squares

Additional Trades: 290 Custom Awnings, Custom Fascia and Flashings

Project Valuation: $436,000

Magnolia Trace Apartment community is a 144 unit, 19 building apartment community. Our company was enlisted to work with the insurance carrier Seneca Insurance in regards to hail and wind damage. After an extensive three day inspection & adjustment process, our team was successful in achieving full replacement on the roofing systems. Hail damage had compromised the shingle integrity, however, it was not as conspicuous as most adjusters are expecting to see when adjusting such a large claim. By utilizing our certification and training by HAAG (engineering courses), we were able to bring a substantial case and subsequent full approval settlement to B&B.

Our team also negotiated upon initial adjustment the replacement of nearly all of the door awnings. The door awnings were a hot topic of negotiation as the condition of these made the hail damage difficult to distinguish from 15 years of wear and tear.

The owners of Magnolia Trace, B&B Development Group selected us to work hand in hand with the insurance carrier throughout the arduous process. Once the property was adjusted and approved we recommended B&B choose the Atlas Pinnace Shingle. The property had exhibited deterioration from algae, a condition commonly found on shingles more than 10 years old especially in humid or damp regions. The Atlas Roofing system is one of only two manufacturers guaranteeing their product against streaking and stains from algae. Partnered with 3M for their Technology, this Atlas shingle will last B&B and the residents at Magnolia Trace for years of streak free aesthetics.

Once contracted, we began the project in a strategic manner by starting in the rear of the complex and working to the front. This pattern minimizes the interruption of daily traffic to residents as well as visitors. It’s always our goal to keep the residents as happy as the owners. We know that happy residents result in no complaints to management. When there are no complaints to management we have satisfied owners and a successful project plan has been executed. In just under 9 days our crews removed the roof covering, inspected the decking, replaced decking where it was necessary, re-flashed roof transitions, installed a new ventilation system, and shingled nearly four football fields worth of steep slope asphalt roofing.

Once the roofing system was installed our craftsman began installing the awnings. Each awning had to be removed, broken down and sent for recycling. The new awnings were installed into the masonry and secured with 32 Tapcon masonry screws. Each awning was precisely fitted to the door in the same manner on each opening. UPDATE: as of January 2015 the property was sold to new owners and listed in the upgrades and increase in value were the items all listed above. We were happy to learn the roofing and awning work we secured and completed for B&B added over $150,000 in increased revenue at the time of sale.