American Freight / Sears

American Freight / Sears

Roofing Size: 50,800SF Versico .60ml TPO

Additional Trades: Infrared Certified, Custom Metals, Shingles, Masonry

Project Valuation: $328,000

The Sears American Freight / CVS project was a bid project in Rockford Illinois contracted by North Rock Real Estate. The project project came to bid as a full re-roofing and metal work project. The cost to the property owner bid to spec was in excess of $450,000. As it’s CAT Contracting’s mission to provide our customers unparalleled service at an affordable price, we decided to use our infrared certification to shoot the property to identify if an entire tear off was necessary.

The existing roofing consisted of only one layer of roofing on the CVS side of the firewall. Although the Sears side was deteriorated and breached by moisture, it was our goal to ensure our client received the best value bid by certifying the moisture level in the roofing system on CVS with infrared technology. By utilizing state of the art technology, we were able to determine that only 15% of the existing roofing system on the CVS portion of the building needed to be removed and re-insulated. By providing a re-cover system for this part of the building versus a full tear off, we saved our client over $80,000 in direct costs while offering a system with a 20 Yr Warranty as the spec called for.

On the CVS portion, the infrared was shot and the moisture compromised areas were marked. We then began by sweeping the gravel ballast off the the roofing system in order to provide a flat even surface. The areas which were marked as wet, were cut out and removed. The decking was inspected and new insulation was mechanically fastened back into place. The parapet walls were cut back and removed for disposal and the masonry was repairs and cleaned. We then installed a 1/2” recovery board atop of the existing surface by mechanically attaching the board into place with 6” HPX Fasteners. Once the new substrate was in place, we installed a .60mil Versico TPO membrane by mechanically fastening it into place and heat welding the seams. 6’ perimeter sheets were installed in order to maximize the wind warranty to the i90 specs and new flashing was bent and cut and set into place.