330 E State St

330 E State St

Roofing Size: 4,000 SF Recover

Additional Trades: Claim Negotiation, Metal Work, Ceiling Tiles, Drywall, Carpentry

Project Valuation: $89,000

The Stafford Building at 330 E State St. in Rockford Il was a recover option in the historic district in downtown Rockford Illinois. This project was a claim from the existing roof parapets failing from a windstorm. Winds in excess of 75mph tore the EPDM adhered parapets from the masonry walls leaving no protection from over 2” of rainfall.

With the parapets exposed, water intruded into the offices below on nearly 3 floors of this commercial property. We responded to the owners within an hour of the call and began to mitigate the roofing system first to avoid additional damage by approaching storms.

Once the roof was secured and temped in, we worked to dry out the ceiling tiles and assess the lower units where water had flooded into. Standing water was removed and blowers were set into place to begin drying out the flooring and walls.

The claim process proved tedious and time consuming. Although the project wasn’t substantially difficult, the claim adjuster was less than amicable.

She was inconsistent in her communication, improperly trained and unwilling to negotiate in the best interest of the client. The insurance first offered the client under $15,000 to properly repair their property. By the time the negotiations were complete, which were spear headed by CAT Contracting, along with the owners, code officials and hired engineers, the claim finally reached a fair settlement of $89,000.

The roofing project began by closing off alley ways and craning material into place. We then began removing debris and existing roofing in the areas deemed necessary. Parapets were prepared, flashings installed and the roofing was primed for a Modified SBS torch down system. We then installed a torch applied modified SBS roofing system over the existing roofing system. Corner patches were custom fitted for inside and outside x-y-z transitions. Transition metal was custom bent and applied at the firewall where our roofing system was terminated. We installed a retro-fit drain and bent new overflow through wall scuppers to finalize the detail work on the roofing.

When the roofing was complete we moved to interior and replaced the ceiling tiles and drywall which was damaged from the water intrusion. The project was wrapped up by a warranty inspection and walk through with the client.